The perfect place to get away from distraction

Get away from distraction

Remove yourself from the hustle and bustle of City life so that you can focus.


Get uninterrupted time with God in an environment that is spiritually stimulating. We have prayer gardens located at the banks of the Athi River that offer you the opportunity to pray for hours without distraction.

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Ideal for multi day conferences or camps. Also highly suitable for individuals who want to fast and pray for several days at the center. Our total bed capacity is 152. Room Configurations: Single Rooms, Cottages & Dormitory Cubicles.

Conference Facilities

Take your team out of their normal environment and hold your board meeting, trainings and conferences in our facilities. We provide a plennary hall with a capacity of 200 and training rooms for smaller groups and seminars.

Study & Meditate

If you need to spend some time alone to think. The RBM Retreat center is your place of choice. We offer park benches all across the 4 acres of the center. We also offer study rooms and classes where you can study from.

The Center is Scenic and with facilities to cater for all your retreat needs.

We are offer serene and quiet space for you to pray, meditate and study
Your perfect destination to get away from distraction.

Located in a serene and scenic place, the Center is a distraction free environment for corporate meetings, retreats, garden weddings and total relaxation for individuals and groups. We strive to provide warm, personal service and quality facilities in an affordable, relaxing and inspiring atmosphere. Accommodation: We offer excellent accommodation with various room configurations. Our total bed capacity is 152 Single Rooms: These are well furnished and have a wonderful sense of a home away from home Cottages: Our five cottages are exclusively designed to cater for individuals or families. They are equipped with all amenities. Dormitory Cubicles: Each of our dormitories has cubicles with a bed capacity of six people

  • Listen to the singing birds and the lul of the Athi River in the background. Most of our regular visitors find this the most attractive aspect of the center.

  • Our Lush gardens create a park-like environment. ejnoy the peaEe and quiet that the center provides.

  • We are an ideal conferfence and training destination with the capacity to host a group of 150.

  • If you want to work on a project or study for your exam without interuption, our center provides the facilities to do just that.

The Retreat Center is located in Ngoliba. Click below to find directions from Nairobi

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